Wednesday, 10 June 2015


When we put together the industry-leading New Rider Offer, we had to choose a motorcycle to headline it. There was only one choice: the updated F 800 R.

Here's why we think it's the perfect motorcycle (not just the perfect learner, or novice motorcycle) - and we've drafted in a few journalists to help explain our choice.


Exclusively for new riders (sorry to those who already ride, but you already get to experience the joy of motorcycling!), BMW Motorrad UK is offering a package worth £2,800 for just £500 if you purchase a new BMW F 800 R through BMW Select.

  • New riders will get a full seven-day motorcycle training course including taking the Module One & Two tests at BMW Rider Training in Royston, Hertfordshire or Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire worth £1,295.
  • After passing, they'll get head-to-toe BMW Rider Equipment worth £1,505.
  • They'll then arrange delivery of their brand new BMW F 800 R, too!

This could be you...

WHY THE F 800 R?

The F 800 R is the ultimate do-anything motorcycle.

The new for 2015 model has been redesigned and improved, featuring sleeker lines and a modern look, a more powerful engine and even more options and accessories.

With 90bhp, it's got all the power you'll ever need. It has BMW Motorrad ABS as standard, too, meaning you'll be safer and more confident in the wet and as a new rider.

Thanks to a range of accessories and luggage on offer, the F 800 R can be transformed into whatever kind of motorcycle you need, from sleek commuter to stylish tourer.

The F 800 R can cross continents and take you on your first motorcycle tour, too

Here's what the media have to say about it:

Bike Social sent internationally renowned journalist Roland Brown to test the F 800 R: 

"In its latest, revamped-for-2015 evolution the F800R is pushing the envelope further in all directions. Along with new styling and a few extra horsepower it gets a revamped and sportier chassis. And at the same time it has a lengthy options and accessories list that includes traction control and electronically adjustable suspension – enough to kit out a useful sports-tourer.

"And there are plenty more options and accessories, grouped into Comfort and Touring packs that add everything from heated grips, centre-stand and luggage rack to BMW’s basic ASC traction control system and ESA electronically adjustable suspension." - Roland Brown
 (Bike Social)

Here's what Fast Bikes editor Simon Roots had to say on the launch in Almeria:

"It's very capable, if tearing around the hills of Almeria for 200 miles was anything to go by. The launch ramped up speed and challenges as the day progressed, so a gentle ride along the coast highlighted how easy the F 800 R is to use. The parallel-twin motor doesn’t shake its indignance at low speeds in the wrong gear, offering enough pull at low revs to satisfy even the laziest of riders.

"The revised ergonomics work, too. Making the bars straighter and offering more legroom makes the bike more intuitive than before, and its balance is excellent. BMW offers an A2 version of the F 800 R, and what with a decent turning circle it’ll make mincemeat of any coned configuration." - Simon Roots


You can visit any BMW Motorrad UK Retailer and start the ball rolling. They will help you arrange for your purchase, your training & test and for your BMW Rider Equipment.

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