Tuesday, 16 February 2016


BMW Motorrad UK has created four exclusive models - the Iconic 100 Collection - to mark the centenary of BMW Group in 2016. Each is strictly limited to 100 motorcycles. 

The four special editions are based on the highest specification models in their respective ranges, made unique with paint schemes which evoke the models' predecessors and the long, rich heritage of BMW Motorrad and the BMW Group over the past century.

Each Iconic 100 Collection model is an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history that offers all the benefits of the most modern and class-leading motorcycles in the 2016 BMW Motorrad range. Each of the four Iconic models will be individually numbered from 1 to 100.

Following their debut at the MCN London Motorcycle Show where the Iconic Collection were a huge hit, we expect them to sell out. Customers interested in owning one should contact their local BMW Motorrad Retailer to place an order.

Iconic Collection - Q&A:

Here's the key information for interested owners of these historic machines:

When will they be available to order, and for collection?

You can order them immediately at your local BMW Motorrad Centre. They will be delivered from April 2016 onwards.

Can I request a specific number (1-100) for the editions?

Yes, on first-come-first served basis once an order is made. Contact your Retailer for more information.

Can I order them in low seat or low suspension?

All 100 of each model are in the standard seat and suspension only.

R 1200 GS Iconic:

  • Based on the R 1200 GS TE Alpine
  • Custom Paint Work (Rallye Styling) inspired by 1980s Dakar models
  • Black Diamond Stitched Red Seat with Embossed Iconic 100 Logo
  • Gear Shift Assist Pro
  • Cross Spoke Wheels
  • £16,800 OTR

R 1200 GS Adventure Iconic:

  • Based on the R 1200 GS Adventure TE
  • Custom Paint Work (Rallye Styling) inspired by 1980s Dakar models
  • Black Diamond Stitched Red Seat with Embossed Iconic 100 Logo
  • Gear Shift Assist Pro
  • Black Powder Coating – Crash Bars / Luggage Carrier / Heel Plates
  • £18,050 OTR

The GS and Adventure Iconic models are inspired by the 1980s Dakar models

R 1200 RS Iconic:

  • Based on the R 1200 RS Sport SE
  • Custom Paint Work (Black/Silver Smoke Effect with Red/Champagne Style lines) inspired by the 'Smoke Grey' 1976 R 90 S
  • Red Stitched Black Seat with Embossed Iconic 100 Logo
  • Gold Forks / Callipers
  • £15,195 OTR

The 1976 R 90 S in 'Ash Grey' inspired the RS

R 1200 RT Iconic:

  • Based on the R 1200 RT LE
  • Custom Paint Work (Candy Burgundy Smoked Effect) inspired by the 'Lava Rot' R 100 RT from the 1970s
  • Red Stitched Black Seat with Embossed Iconic 100 Logo
  • Audio System
  • Dynamic Package (Hill Start Control, Headlight Pro, Riding Mode Pro and Daytime Riding Lights) 
  • Top Box
  • £20,665 OTR

The 1977 R 100 RT in 'Lava Rot' inspired the RT

The Iconic 100 Collection is available to order via BMW Motorrad Centres effective immediately.

The prices are non-binding recommendations of the manufacturer including 20% VAT and excluding transfer costs. Modifications and mistakes reserved. If you have any questions, please speak to your BMW Motorrad retailer.


  1. Smacks of having difficulty shifting machines out of the showroom so goto usual marketing tactic of "limited edition". It they sell well then extend the 100 run to 500, not so limited.

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for your comment. There are no plans to extend beyond the 100 Limited Edition production and these are currently some of our highest selling models. We've produced the Iconic 100 to celebrate 100 years of BMW and we're very proud of what we've created.

  2. All the old models have silver engines, yet the GS has Black ? Not very in keeping with the Iconic 100 years

  3. Great bikes but not sure the luxuary touch gels with the utilitarian image of the GS. A bit out of place at the silk road. ;-)

  4. I think they look brilliant a bit of style and something different never hurt anyone. You don't have to buy, its not compulsory!

  5. Not sure why people can't just have some positive things to say.

  6. And you have joined them, Jason.

    I'll say something positive, then.
    A Penny-Farthing bicycle would be a worse thing to spend me money on.

  7. Love to see this treatment on a F700 and 800GS as well

  8. Nice models. Love the red seat on the GS and the 3colour always suits these bikes. Migth upgrade my GS 2005 to this edition.

  9. hi!
    GSA iconic so nice!
    i want to buy this which seri number 76 . Can you qoute to my email tequilaluan@yahoo.com

  10. I got GS number 16. It's gorgeous. No, I will never take it off road or even get it wet if I can help it. I have other bikes for that.☺

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. When will R1200RT LE Candy Burgundy Smoked color be available in the USA? The color is awesome.

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