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The BMW R nineT Scrambler empowers the owner and provides a blank canvass to fulfill their desires. Taking a circular saw to the sub-frame of your brand-new R nineT Scrambler isn’t necessary because there are plenty of ways to make the perfect Scrambler without any power tools.

Individuality is what the R nineT Scrambler is all about and nothing exemplifies this more than the one-off hand brushed aluminium tank upgrade. Made to order, each of these tanks are hand-crafted and hand-brushed to give a unique look and surface texture to the R nineT Scrambler. Not only is the tank a visual masterpiece, it is also even lighter than the standard fuel tank – offering savings of over three kilograms. As a one-off piece, BMW guarantees the high quality finish associated with the brand.

The fuel tank is further customisable with an option for a sanded weave. The high degree of individuality and hand crafted character remain with the sanded weave variation, offering a smoother overall look to the Scrambler. Weight savings remain, allowing an ideal appearance to be achieved without needing to worry about any performance changes.
Knee pads go perfectly with the sleek-heritage look of the hand brushed tank and help to protect it from scratches that may occur during everyday use. These rubber knee pads are ergonomically designed to help improve the rider’s grip on the bike, form and function combining for a perfectly practical accessory.

No heritage-focused Scrambler is complete without a classic BMW emblem, the black badge proudly highlighting BMW Motorrad’s significant history.
Comfort and usability remain a priority with the R nineT Scrambler, a higher Scrambler seat granting taller riders a more comfortable riding position without compromising the heritage look of the bike. It’s also an excellent seat option for those wanting to take a pillion.
For solo riders, the Scrambler has a classic single seat option. This seat boasts a black rear cover to complete a continuous design line from the fuel tank to the seat.
Heated handlebar grips are the perfect complement to any accessory package and make the prospect of riding in autumn and winter a viable proposition. A multi-function switch on the right handlebar ensures ease of use on the two-stage grip heating.
Designed to mirror the look and feel of a race-number plate, the scratch-proof windscreen is perfect for those opting for a race-oriented look on their Scrambler while also offering some wind protection.
Cylinder heads are a distinct feature of the R nineT Scrambler and customising them to your specific desires has never been more straight forward. Black, silver and chrome cylinder head covers allow for visual alterations in a variety of directions. The shape and profile remains identical to the granite-grey standard cylinder head cover.
Changes to the cylinder heads can be further accentuated with either plastic or aluminium cover guards, both designed to protect from damage while offering a unique look. Made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the plastic cylinder-head guard is both shock and UV-resistant. Meanwhile the anodised aluminium cylinder-head cover guards are perfect for off-road use.
If you’re looking to venture off the beaten path, an aluminium engine guard is the perfect complement. Engineered to protect against flying stones and contact with the ground this anodised aluminium guard is functionally brilliant and helps to emphasise the off-road character of an R nineT Scrambler even further.

When off-roading is your ambition, a protective headlight grille is a must to protect against any stones or debris. The grille is made of sheet steel and is UV-resistant, securing the maximum amount of protection possible. This accessory is designed purely for off-roading and is not approved for use on public roads.
Cross-spoked wheels are a wonderful supplement for those looking to head off-road with the R nineT. Visually off-road looks help to highlight the classic Scrambler character and make for a wonderful alternative to the standard wheels for any R nineT riders. These come as standard on the Scrambler X, as do the heated grips.
A major focus of any motorbike is the exhaust system and industry leaders Akrapovic have developed an exquisite sports silencer for the Scrambler. Formed out of titanium with a carbon end cap, the sport slip-on silencer creates a throaty sound to complement its own dynamic appearance. Designed for one-up riding, the silencer is 2.6 kilograms lighter than the standard part, a weight saving of over 50%.
Storage is no issue with the R nineT with a fuel tank rucksack and rear softbag available. Both are made of water-repellent canvas and are designed to sit perfectly on the tank and rear of the bike. At 11L, the fuel tank rucksack is ideal for short journey storage while the rear softbag, with 40L of storage space, is ready and waiting for longer trips.

Scramblers rarely follow standards or conventions; they’re all unique and are a representation of the rider. These accessories are just the beginning and anything imaginable is achievable.

The Concept Path22 is a shining example of what a Scrambler is all about – a mix of style, originality, freedom and individuality. It’s a modern take on the original scramblers of the 50s with the highest quality parts used throughout. Inspiration comes from the sea and ocean breeze, the sheer pleasure of riding through the wind.

From the cool breeze of the ocean to the blistering heat of the Dakar, Scramblers can take their inspiration from anywhere. Concept Lac Rose draws on the look of BMW’s factory desert racers of the mid-1980s and applies it to the R nineT for a radically different look to the Path22. 

Function remains with the Lac Rose, the stripped-down roadster look hardly detract from its ability to discover.

Start your custom R nineT adventure right now by heading out to your local BMW Motorrad Retailer or find out more here.

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