Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Volcano Fire
Since its release, the BMW R nineT has become a firm favourite of those riders wanting a truly unique machine. The R nineTs customisability is near limitless, but knowing where or how to begin can often seem daunting.

Desert Fire
Select BMW Motorrad UK Retailers are now able to help Motorrad owners create their dream bikes, built to the riders specification. A highlight of this new service is the UK-exclusive R nineT Individual colours. These hand painted designs are available in; Amazon Fire, Desert Fire, Horizon Fire and Volcano Fire. No two bikes will share the exact same pattern nor style, making it truly one of a kind.

Horizon Fire
These packages not only offer the R nineT owner a fresh paint scheme, but also a new headlight, tank and seat with stitching coloured to match. All these elements combine for a truly head-turning machine.

Amazon Fire
The recommended Retail Price of the R nineT is £12,200 + £2,635 for the Individual Paint Package which includes: headlight, tank, black seat with coloured stitching and seat hump.

Customisation options are not limited to the R nineT; the class-leading R 1200 GS Adventure has also received two new paint schemes for 2017. Distinct red highlights with the Tribute package make the GSA stand out even more, be it on the road in Europe or on a grand adventure far afield. The look is enhanced further by the red seat, only available with the Tribute paint schemes.

A second package, Urban Camo, is also on offer for the robust GSA. The grey, white and black design may not have the high contrast of the Tribute colour package, but is nevertheless a great way to make your GSA truly individual.

Urban Camo
The Recommended Retail Price of the GS Adventure is £13,200. The Tribute Paint, including red seat, is an additional £2,160 or £2,500 for the Urban Camo.

Both colour packages are also available for TE and XE variants of the GS Adventure. Contact your local BMW Motorrad Retailer now to discover what's waiting.


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