Friday, 17 March 2017


Join us on our Test Ride Tour! We'll be bringing a variety of bikes to various locations in England and Scotland.

Last year saw the Test Ride Truck roll out to various locations across the UK proving a huge success. We saw hundreds of you test ride our bikes at hotspots, enjoying everything from the c evolution up to the BMW R1200 GSA.

This year the Test Ride Truck is back and it's bigger and better than ever. We'll be hitting more locations and be able to get you on even more bikes. The Test Ride Truck will make a welcome return in Scotland, carrying a more diverse collections of bikes than ever before.

Whether you've never ridden a BMW before or you're a lifelong fan, come and try our current models.
Read a review for a brand new bike? Come try it on the Test Ride Tour! The demo rides will be escorted but you'll have plenty of time to get a feel for the bike. You can try as many different models as you like and have a fun day out.

We'll be at the following locations this summer:


13th/14th May we'll be at the following locations:
Bury Hill, Whiteways Café, West Sussex - BN18 9FD - Saturday and Sunday

20th/21st May we'll be at the following locations:
Ryka’s Café, Old London Rd, Box Hill, Mickleham, Dorking – RH5 6BY - Saturday and Sunday


15th/16th July we'll be at the following location:
Green Welly, Scotland – FK20 8RY - Saturday and Sunday

22nd/23rd July we'll be at the following location:
Squire's Cafe, Leeds - LS25 5LX - Saturday and Sunday  


13th August we'll be at the following location:
Brackley Festival - NN13 7AB - Sunday

If you can't make any of the dates above you can still book a test ride with one of our retailers. Click here to book.

Test ride subject to applicant status and availability. You'll need a valid licence and riding gear to take part.


  1. Somewhere within a hundred miles of Cornwall would be nice!

  2. Somewhere in south Wales or even close

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